GPS jammers are illegal

GPS jammers are illegal

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  It is a federal offense. And yes, people have been caught, and the consequences were real.
  How could radio interference be called “accurate?”
  What a mobile signal jammer does is prevent reception of GPS radio signals. It does this by broadcasting noise. This noise extends quite a distance.
  Blocking any radio signal is illegal in the US, EU and many other places.
  The cheapest one would be a metal object. Place it over the GPS receiver/ external antenna and it will not get a fix. Although you would be traceable using the GSM network.
  Thus a combination of GSM jammers and metal plates would be effective.
  Although i would not advice the above as any tampering to the device can be traced by the installer.
   Yet they're easily bought online, and their proponents say they should stay that way. Was able to buy GPS jammers for as little as $50 from numerous online sources. He said GPS jammers could pose a potential risk if used negligently.
        Of course, GPS and cell phone jammers are not exactly state of the art. The devices, which cause signal confusion and disruption, are actually similar to illegal cell phone jammers.

        Ronald Repasi, the FCC's Deputy Chief for the Office of Engineering and Technology, said selling, importing, owning, or using a GPS jammer in the U.S. is illegal, and he said the agency actively pursues those who use the devices. He said GPS jammers could pose a potential risk if used negligently.

        The risk is low for airplanes, which use ground-based radars for guidance and have a back-up navigation system that does not depend on satellites. Military personnel use a private GPS network. But GPS jamming could nonetheless cause confusion in the cockpit as pilots have to switch to back up navigation systems. And maritime shipments that rely on GPS coordinates for finding port locations could face problems as well.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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