4 advantages of gps jammer

4 advantages of gps jammer

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  In recent years, various types of gps jammers have emerged in an endless stream, and we are dazzled and dizzy, but in fact not all products are suitable for us to apply to ourselves. Some products are public, so they are not suitable for being used by us. We apply to other fields, there is a very special gps jammer, which also appears in front of us, its name is cell phone jammer, so what kind of advantages does this type of product have?
  When we use the cell phone jammer, you will find that no matter where we are, as long as such a jammer can be turned on, then everyone has no way to search for our wireless signal, in other words, household products The effect is more obvious than that of ordinary public products. In such an environment, we can always block all signals easily, but if we use a public blocker, it may appear that the shielding effect is unstable. problem, so we need to understand the specific use effect.
  The cell phone jammer is mainly used in the examination room, and is not limited to the examination room. It can also be used in prisons, gas stations, mobile phone bomb prevention, oil depots, liquefied gas stations, detention centers, interrogation rooms, courts, labor camps, conference rooms, theaters, churches, etc. Libraries, school dormitories, special security and confidentiality occasions (confidential offices, negotiation rooms, mobile vehicles, mobile political and business dignitaries to guard the scene), etc. will be used.
  Using high-scatter aluminum alloy shell, the working temperature is low, and the shielding effect is more stable.
  Separate power adapter. 12V/24V DC power supply work, convenient for vehicle mobile work.
  The external design of the antenna and the unified interface at one end make the appearance more beautiful and decent. And it has an anti-loosening design, and the antenna and the host have a marked working frequency band for one-to-one correspondence.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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