How can I check if someone has a jammer gps in the car?

How can I check if someone has a jammer gps in the car?

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  Method 1: In non-metallic environments (such as houses, human bodies), metal detectors can detect, but some monitors
and locators have almost no or no metal parts, and metal detectors cannot detect them, so this method has limitations .
  Method 2: The use of radio signal detectors can detect bluetooth, wifi jammer, and mobile phone communication
signals, and monitors and locators will also emit such signals when they are working, so they can be detected.
  Strictly speaking, vehicle anti-monitoring and anti-tracking is a comprehensive professional discipline. It
integrates communication engineering, radio technology, electromagnetic research, information science, network security,
psychology and other disciplines.
  The method of shielding the vehicle locator signal:
  1. If you want to block the GpS locator on the car, you must first look at the size of your car model, and then
choose the corresponding power blocker. In addition, there are various GpS signal blockers on the market, and there are many
types, so how do you distinguish them? How to choose an effective shield is very important;
  2. Some people think that as long as they buy a GpS blocker, they can block the positioning. In fact, this is not the
case, because the positioning includes satellite positioning and base station positioning in addition to GpS, so it is
necessary to buy all shielded equipment to be effective;
  3. This type of jammer gps can basically be powered by the cigarette lighter, so after being installed in the car, it
must be ensured that the jammer gps is always in working state. If the car turns off halfway, the jammer gps will definitely
be powered off, then the location information of the car will be exposed again. Therefore, it is recommended to connect the
power of the shield to the battery of the car as much as possible to ensure that the device can work continuously.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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