How to install the mobile signal jammer outdoor waterproof and lightning protection?

How to install the mobile signal jammer outdoor waterproof and lightning protection?

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  If the mobile signal jammer is installed in an outdoor environment, it must take waterproof and lightning protection measures. Generally, it is
recommended to select a special installation box for the cell phone signal jammer. The louvered ventilation position (enhanced heat dissipation), the
opening on the top of the box extends out of the antenna of the mobile phone shield (the hole is sealed with hot melt adhesive), and the bottom of the
box has a power input hole and a diversion hole (to prevent water accumulation).

  When the mobile phone signal jammer (together with the installation box) is installed outdoors, such as installed on the outer wall of the building,
it is necessary to take lightning protection measures. Especially in thunderstorm-prone areas, you should pay more attention!

  The main unit of the mobile phone signal jammer is installed on the top of the box, the antenna extends out of the box (if it does not extend out of
the box, the shielding effect will be greatly reduced), and the power adapter should be placed in the middle and lower part of the box.

  Lightning protection measures are actually to install lightning rods on the shielding device. If there is no ready-made lightning rod to buy, you can
make your own lightning rod. The method is as follows:

  Choose 3-4 steel bars with a diameter of 5-10mm and a length of 50cm, sharpen one end into a needle shape, and weld the other end together to form a
"Y" shape. The welded end is connected to the ground with an iron wire with a diameter of 2-3mm (The iron wire is protected by PVC pipe penetration), and
the end of the iron wire to the ground is connected with an iron strip. The iron strip is generally about 50-100cm long and 2-5cm wide, and is deeply
driven into the ground. If the iron strips are hard to find, you can use 10mm steel bars instead.

  The lightning rod is installed 30-50cm above the antenna of the mobile phone signal jammer. The lightning rod (including the grounded steel wire)
cannot be in contact with the mobile phone jammer or the installation box, and the distance should be properly maintained.

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