GPS jamming and spoofing, the latest technology blocks GPS satellite signals for you

GPS jamming and spoofing, the latest technology blocks GPS satellite signals for you

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GPS satellite positioning system has added a lot of convenience to our life, but it has also brought some troubles, which even threaten the personal safety of individuals.

  1. The location information of the vehicle can be easily obtained by others; it is only necessary to load a specific GPS positioning device on the vehicle body to obtain the vehicle location information in real time. This function is widely used in the automobile transportation industry and the financial loan industry. In fact, this is also certain. Personal privacy is violated to a certain extent.

  2. Personal location information is also easy to steal; current location trackers have become smaller, lighter, and more accurate, making it easier for some criminals to steal and spy on the location of others. Health status.

  Professor Langdon checks GPS tracker in The Da Vinci Code

  The GPS tracker featured in the 2006 movie once raised questions from professionals—at the time, such a small tracker was impossible.

  As technology advances, the smallest GPS tracker is only a centimeter long, yet its performance is more responsive than ever. Ultra-small GPS trackers will soon go from fiction to reality.

  The evolution of technology toward smaller and more sophisticated technologies has made GPS tracking more useful for personal privacy theft in addition to commercial espionage.

  In order to combat the trouble of tracking and positioning, there is GPS jamming.

  GPS jamming is a relatively simple technique that requires only generating an RF signal strong enough to overwhelm GPS satellite transmissions. The subject of a GPS jamming attack will immediately realize that there is a problem because the system will not be able to generate geolocation results.

  MIT graduate student Limor Fried called her portable jammer a "bubble." GPS cannot enter this bubble for the purpose of reclaiming private space.

  It's not actually a bubble, it will interfere not only with private spaces or cars, but also with innocent GPS receivers for miles around you. People worried about cracking down on tracking probably won't be uncomfortable with opening the radio bubble.

  No matter what the goal of the portable jammer is, the device doesn't treat it differently, so there's usually additional collateral damage. Air traffic control (ATC), search and rescue operations, power grids and mobile phone services are all vulnerable to GPS interference.

  The London Stock Exchange suffered repeated GPS outages, affecting the time stamping of financial transactions. In 2007, an outage in GPS communications at the Port of San Diego prevented residents of the city from withdrawing cash from ATMs, and it took them three days to determine the cause of the ship's drill.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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